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Freezer spacer

Product Numbers:2017918113333

Product description:freezer spacer also known as plastic freezer spacer, widely used in frozen house


Freezer spacers which is made of HDPE, are commonly used during the food handling process to speed up blast freezing.

Simply placing a freezer spacer between each layer of goods on a pallet can reduce the amount of time needed for blast freezing by 30%. The space between each food layer allows the cold air to circulate through the load more efficiently. 

Freezer spacers also help to reduce buildup of water during the thawing or washing phases of food handling. Their easily nestable design saves space and money too! 

Freezer spacers are a great alternative to using steel racks as they use less space, require less manual labor, and have less cost associated with them. The spacers can also be easily washed for re-use with a power washer or a simple scrubbing.

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